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GCU Scholarships for International Students

International education has become more valuable in global business and interconnectivity. Grand Canyon University (GCU), located in Phoenix, Arizona, recognizes this fact. To encourage diversity on campus, they have established a wide range of scholarships and financial aid programs that help the needs of international students. This article shines a spotlight on the GCU Scholarship List available for international students. Pack your passport because GCU might be the ideal destination for your higher education journey.

Understanding Grand Canyon University:


Established in 1949, GCU is a premier private Christian university committed to nurturing students to become global citizens, critical thinkers, and responsible leaders. A paradise for students, GCU offers more than 200 academic programs, sparkling campus facilities, and a dynamic, inclusive community.

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GCU Scholarship List: Breaking Down the Options:

If you’re an ambitious international student, keep reading to discover GCU’s remarkable scholarship programs. Here’s a comprehensive list of GCU scholarship programs containing the biggest scholarships for international students.

1. Academic Excel comprehensive list For students with an exceptional academic background, GCU provides the Academic Excellence Scholarship. This award is based purely on the student’s academic performance and is meant to reward their hard work and consistency for students with an exceptional educational background in scholarly endeavors.

2. Athletic Scholarships


GCU is home to ‘The Lopes’, a fierce athletics department. If you excel in sports and are interested in participating at the collegiate level, you might qualify for an athletic scholarship.

3. Honors College Scholarships

If you are admitted into GCU’s Honors College, you’re eligible for separate scholarships. These awards are given based on a combination of academic achievement and extracurricular involvement.

4. Faculty Scholarship

The Faculty Scholarship is delivered to students who demonstrate exceptional talent in a specific field. The faculty of individual departments usually manage these awards.

5. Minority Scholarships

The Minority Scholarship is available to students from ethnic backgrounds that are underrepresented in higher education. This award aims to increase diversity and provide equal opportunities for all.

Why Choose GCU?

GCU might be the ideal university for you for many reasons. Here are just a few:

– A Wide Array of Academic Programs: With over 200 academic programs on offer, you can find a course that perfectly aligns with your future goals.

– Global Perspective and Diverse Campus: With students from around the globe, the university boasts an international, eclectic and multicultural environment.

– Exceptional Faculty: The faculty at GCU are renowned experts in their respective fields. They can guide you at every step of your academic journey.

– Strong Alumni Network: The university has a strong network of alumni that is well-positioned around the globe.

How to Apply for a GCU Scholarship?

The application process for GCU scholarships is relatively straightforward. First, you need to complete an application for admission to the university. Then, depending on the scholarship, you may need to submit additional materials, such as an essay, letters of recommendation, or a portfolio of work.

FAQs on GCU scholarships for international students

How much is Grand Canyon University for international students?

As of my last update in January 2022, Grand Canyon University (GCU) typically charges international students tuition and fees higher than domestic students. The exact cost vary depending on factors such as the program of study, whether the student lives on or off-campus, and any additional expenses such as books and supplies.

How long does it take to get an acceptance letter from GCU?

The time to receive an acceptance letter from Grand Canyon University (GCU) can vary depending on certain factors, which include the volume of applications being processed, the completeness of the application, and the program you are applying to.

In many cases, applicants can expect to receive an acceptance letter within a few weeks to a couple of months after submitting a complete application. However, this timeline can vary, and some applicants may receive a decision sooner or later than others.

How fast can you graduate from GCU?

The time it takes to graduate from Grand Canyon University (GCU) depends on several factors, including the program you are enrolled in, your course load, any transfer credits you may have, and whether you attend classes on a traditional schedule or an accelerated schedule.

GCU offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, and the typical time to complete these programs can vary. For example:

  1. Bachelor’s degrees typically take four years to complete if you are attending full-time and following a traditional academic schedule. However, GCU also offers accelerated programs that may allow you to graduate more quickly.
  2. Master’s degrees usually require one to two years of full-time study, although this can vary depending on the specific program and whether you attend on a traditional, accelerated, schedule.
  3. Doctoral programs can take three to seven years to complete, depending on the field of study, the specific program requirements, and whether you are attending full-time or part-time.


Education is an investment, and GCU is committed to making that investment as affordable as possible for every student.

The GCU scholarships for international students are designed to bring in the best minds from around the globe and help them realize their academic dreams. Whether you excel at academics, sports, or leadership or display extraordinary talent, GCU has a scholarship opportunity.

 Indeed, it’s upon you to leap forward, grasp the opportunity, and join This fantastic academic fraternity. GCU could be your gateway for an unparalleled international educational experience.


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