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QUT 2022 Clayton Adam Florence Wilson Award for Biomechanics and Spine Research

QUT 2022 Clayton Adam Florence Wilson Award for Biomechanics and Spine Research

The Clayton Adam Florence Wilson Award is available to promote spine research at QUT, and honours the stellar contribution to scientific innovation in spine research made by our former Research Director, Professor Clayton Adam.


Clayton joined QUT in 1999 and dedicated his work to helping children with spinal disorders, and to improving treatment outcomes for patients who undergo spinal surgery.

He brought together a dedicated team of researchers, scientists, engineers, surgeons and industry partners to perform cutting-edge research aimed at minimising risks and improving spinal surgery results for patients.


Clayton’s leadership of the research program resulted in QUT receiving a substantial bequest from a donor impressed by his work: the Florence Wilson Bequest.

In 2015, Clayton was diagnosed with a terminal illness yet continued his active research during treatment until early 2018. Sadly, his health battle ended in March 2018, but his dedication and contribution to biomechanics and spinal research will long be remembered and admired.

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Clayton Adam Florence Wilson Award

Aim and Benefits of Clayton Adam Florence Wilson Award

You can express your interest in being considered for one of the following types of ‘Clayton Adam Florence Wilson Awards’ at any time (except PhD Scholarship):

  • PhD scholarship – Applications are considered only within the Dates period stated above
  • international research collaborator award
  • PhD Top-up award
  • travel grant – international
  • travel grant – domestic
  • other (by prior arrangement).

Further information about what you will receive will be provided following the successful acceptance of your application.

Requirements for Clayton Adam Florence Wilson Award Qualification

You must have experience in biomechanics and/or spine research. Further eligibility criteria will be provided following successful acceptance of your application.

Application Deadline

Not Specified


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