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Master’s Degree Scholarships for International Students

Are you pursuing a master’s degree overseas offers exposure to different cultures and teaching methods broadens perspectives, and enhances career prospects. However, one of the significant challenges these students face is finding funding, which is where master’s degree scholarships come into play. This article provides a detailed guide on master’s degree scholarships available for international students.

Understanding Master’s Degree Scholarships

Master’s degree scholarships are financial awards made available to students from different countries globally to aid their graduate education. Organizations, educational institutions, governments, and private establishments often offer these scholarships. They primarily aim to support academic excellence and cultural exchange among international students, intending to assist in fulfilling their educational ambitions abroad.


Why are Master’s Degree Scholarships Essential?

The exponential rise in the cost of overseas education has made master’s degree scholarships an indispensable resource for international students. These scholarships not only alleviate the high tuition fees but also cover other expenses like textbooks, boarding, and insurance for the duration of the study. They also provide international students with equal opportunities to access quality education regardless of their financial circumstances.

Types of Master’s Degree Scholarships

Master’s degree scholarships come in various forms, catering to the diverse needs and profiles of international students. A few prominent types are:

  1. Merit-based Scholarships: Awarded based on the student’s academic, artistic, or athletic achievements.
  2. Need-based Scholarships: Offered to students whose financial situation requires additional support.
  3. Student-specific Scholarships: Aimed at students who qualify based on factors like gender, religion, race, family, and medical history.
  4. Destination-specific Scholarships: These are scholarships offered by a country to students from other nations.
  5. Subject-specific Scholarships: Awarded to students pursuing studies in a particular field.

Popular Master’s Degree Scholarships for International Students

Here are some popular and prestigious master’s degree scholarships available for international students worldwide:

Government Scholarships: Many governments offer scholarships for international students to study in their countries. Examples include:
Fulbright Scholarships (USA)
Chevening Scholarships (UK)
Australian Awards Scholarships (Australia)
DAAD Scholarships (Germany)

University Scholarships: Most universities offer scholarships specifically for international students. These can vary from partial to full scholarships and are often merit-based or need-based. Check the websites of the universities you’re interested in for available options.

External Scholarships: Various organizations, both non-profit and private, offer scholarships for international students. Examples include:
Rotary Foundation Global Grants
Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
The Gates Cambridge Scholarship


Program-Specific Scholarships: Some scholarships are tied to specific fields of study or academic programs. For instance, if you’re pursuing a master’s in engineering, you might find scholarships offered by engineering societies or companies.

Country-Based Scholarships: Some countries offer scholarships for students from certain states or countries. For example, the Chinese government offers scholarships to students from developing countries to study in China.

Corporate Scholarships: Some companies offer scholarships to support international students, especially if they are related to the company’s field of interest.
Online Resources and Databases: Websites like Scholarship Portal, Studyportals, and International Scholarships are valuable resources for finding scholarships tailored to international students.

Securing Master’s Degree Scholarships: Helpful Tips

Securing a master’s degree scholarship requires more than just academic brilliance. Here are steps to increase your chances of being selected:

Research: Conduct thorough research on the scholarships available for your desired field and destination.

Eligibility: Ensure you meet all eligibility criteria to avoid disappointment.

Application: Be meticulous with your application, ensuring every detail is correct and all required documents are included.

Interview: If an interview is part of the selection process, prepare thoroughly, express your motivations clearly, and demonstrate your ambition and potential.

FAQs about Masters degree scholarships for International Students

How to get 100% scholarship for masters in USA?

Securing a 100% scholarship for a master’s degree in the USA can be highly competitive, but it’s not impossible.

Is there a 100% scholarship in the UK?

Absolutely! There are fully-funded scholarships available for international students to study in the UK. They cover tuition fees, living expenses, and sometimes even travel costs.
Some of these scholarships include Chevening scholarships, Commonwealth scholarships, and Rhodes scholarships.

Which country provides scholarships for Masters?

Many countries around the world offer scholarships for international students pursuing master’s degrees. Some of the most prominent countries providing scholarships include:

United States: The USA offers various scholarships through government-funded programs like the Fulbright Scholarship, as well as through universities and private organizations.

United Kingdom: The UK offers scholarships such as the Chevening Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarships, and scholarships provided by individual universities.

Australia: Australian government scholarships include the Australia Awards Scholarships, as well as scholarships offered by universities and other organizations.

Canada: Canada offers scholarships like the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, Canada Graduate Scholarships, and scholarships provided by individual universities and provinces.

Germany: Germany provides scholarships like the DAAD Scholarships (offered by the German Academic Exchange Service) and scholarships offered by individual universities.

Which scholarship is the easiest to get?

Local Scholarships: Scholarships offered by local organizations, community foundations, or businesses often have fewer applicants compared to national or international scholarships. These scholarships may have specific eligibility criteria tied to residency or affiliation with a particular community.

Merit-Based Scholarships: Some scholarships are awarded primarily based on academic merit rather than financial need or specific criteria. If you have a strong academic record, you may find it easier to qualify for merit-based scholarships.

Small Awards: Scholarships with smaller award amounts may attract fewer applicants and have less competition. While these scholarships may not cover all expenses, they can still help offset educational costs.

Essay Contests: Scholarships that require applicants to submit essays or creative works may have fewer applicants compared to scholarships based solely on academic achievements. Your ability to craft a compelling essay or presentation could give you an edge in these competitions.

Niche Scholarships: Scholarships targeting specific demographics, interests, or career paths may have fewer applicants and less competition. Examples include scholarships for students pursuing certain fields of study, students with specific cultural backgrounds, or students with unique talents or experiences.

Institutional Scholarships: Some universities offer scholarships exclusively for their students, including both undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships may be less competitive than external scholarships open to applicants from multiple institutions.

What is the easiest fully funded scholarship?

Fulbright Scholarships
Chevening Scholarships
Australian Awards Scholarships
Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals Scholarships


Master’s degree scholarships are a beacon of hope for many international students aspiring to further their education overseas.
By reducing the financial burden and providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience global exposure, these scholarships are gateways to an enriched educational journey and successful career paths. Remember, every scholarship has its own criteria and deadlines, so ensure you research well, prepare diligently, and apply wisely.


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