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Top 10 MBA Scholarships for Women Studying Abroad

MBA Scholarships for Women, provides benefits that supersede solely financial considerations. They convey recognition of scholastic worth and ambition, and ratio enhancement of female candidates in the business world. Although these MBA scholarships can be challenging to obtain, the rewards are well worth it especially if you are a budding female leader eager to carve out a space in this domain!

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Here are the Top 10 MBA scholarships for women that are well worth exploring for your journey to the boardroom.

  1. Forté Fellows Program:

Offered by the Forté Foundation, this fantastic initiative serves to escalate the female representation in business schools and corporate industries. Featuring a robust variety of benefits from leadership development to networking opportunities—and, of course, financial aid—this is a stand-out program for female MBA candidates.

  1. Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship:

The Zonta International Foundation bestows grants of $2,000 at the district level and $8,000 at the international level to women pursuing an MBA. This highly sought-after scholarship is perfect for women who wish to make their mark in the business industry.

  1. Chicago Booth School of Business – The Chicago Booth Fellowships:

At this globally renowned business school, various fellowships are available, specifically designed for women. Not only does this provide financial support, but it also offers access to mentorship and a large, influential alumni network – an opportunity to both learn and lead.

  1. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) – Career Development Grants:

To support women in furthering their education, AAUW provides an annual grant. It aims to help women with bachelor degrees who are preparing for a specialized career or re-entry into the workforce and so is perfect for MBA aspirants.

  1. Wharton School – The Forté MBA Fellows Program:

This prestigious MBA program for women provides a fellowship to its deserving recipients—both a status and substantial funding. Along with financial help, this program emphasizes leadership development, which is enriching for any aspiring female business leaders.

  1. F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business – P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS):

This is a highly notable and internationally recognized scholarship for women aspiring to study in the USA or Canada for graduate work. It can provide scholarships up to $12,500, a substantial sum to contribute to your MBA.

  1. Stanford Graduate Business School – The Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship:

This fellowship offers financial aid to Indian women seeking an MBA. As part of their win, fellows are required to return to India to work and contribute to the growth of the nation’s economy – a great way to give back!

  1. ESA Foundation – Women in Technology Scholarship:

Offered to women who want to pursue a career in technology or business, this scholarship provides up to $7,000, rewarding students who are passionate about the technology business world.

  1. HEC Paris – Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for Women:

The Foundation provides scholarships for women from war-stricken countries or areas of natural disasters. These women are expected to return to their countries to contribute to the economy. It’s a noble cause, and if you meet the requirements, definitely worth applying for.

  1. QS Leadership Scholarship:

This impactful MBA scholarship specifically earmarked for women offers a $10,000 award to an aspiring female leader who demonstrates a strong capacity for leadership and good career progression.

FAQs on Top 10 MBA Scholarships for Women Studying Abroad

How to get an MBA scholarship in the USA?

Securing an MBA scholarship in the USA can be competitive, but there are several strategies you can employ to increase your chances of success:

Research Scholarship Opportunities: Start by researching MBA scholarship opportunities offered by universities, government agencies, private foundations, and corporate sponsors in the USA. Look for scholarships specifically targeted towards international students, as well as those based on factors such as academic merit, leadership potential, financial need, and diversity.

Apply to Top MBA Programs: Many prestigious MBA programs in the USA offer scholarships to attract top talent from around the world. Focus on applying to MBA programs with strong scholarship programs and a track record of providing financial aid to students.

Excel in Your GMAT/GRE: High scores on the GMAT or GRE can strengthen your MBA scholarship applications. Invest time and effort into preparing for these exams to maximize your scores.

Highlight Your Achievements: Showcase your academic achievements, professional accomplishments, leadership experience, and extracurricular activities in your MBA application essays, resume, and letters of recommendation. Admissions committees often consider these factors when awarding scholarships.

Demonstrate Financial Need: If you have financial need, be sure to clearly articulate your circumstances in your scholarship applications. Some MBA scholarships in the USA are need-based, so providing evidence of your financial situation may increase your eligibility for these awards.

Seek External Scholarships: Explore scholarship opportunities offered by external organizations, foundations, and professional associations related to your field of study, career goals, nationality, or demographic background. These external scholarships can supplement funding from MBA programs and increase your overall financial aid package.

Network and Build Relationships: Connect with alumni, current students, faculty members, and admissions staff at MBA programs you’re interested in attending. Building relationships within the MBA community can provide insights into scholarship opportunities and strengthen your application.

Submit a Strong Application: Ensure that your MBA application materials, including your essays, resume, transcripts, and letters of recommendation, are polished and compelling. Tailor your application to each MBA program and scholarship opportunity to demonstrate your fit and commitment.

Meet Application Deadlines: Pay close attention to application deadlines for MBA programs and scholarship opportunities. Submit your materials well in advance of deadlines to avoid last-minute stress and ensure that your application receives full consideration.


Undoubtedly, higher education can be pricey, but no matter your background or your career ambitions, it’s worth exploring every avenue for support. These MBA Scholarships for Women provide not just financial aid but also support systems, networking platforms, and prestigious recognition which are all critical in fostering women’s representation and success in the business world. Don’t be dissuaded by the competition – you could very well be the next recipient of these prestigious scholarships. Keep your business acumen sharp, your ambition high, and your application ready to submit. The journey to the MBA, after all, is spike with both challenges and potential rewards. Best of luck in your applications!


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