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Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships for Global Students

Education is an integral part of human life and a journey that never actually ends. Given the rising costs of tertiary education, scholarships have turned out to be a necessity for many committed and enthusiastic students globally. For those seeking careers in nursing and midwifery, there are numerous scholarships available around the world, specifically designed to attract deserving candidates to these esteemed professions. This article is dedicated to digging deeply into various nursing and midwifery scholarships available for global students.

The Importance of Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships


Nursing and midwifery are fields that demand not only significant academic qualifications, but also compassion, patience, and intensive practical training. They are professions with a high level of responsibility, deeply affecting the health and lives of individuals and communities. Thus, investing in scholarships in these fields helps attract the most capable and motivated students, who can shape the future of healthcare.

Scholarships help lighten the financial burden on students and their families, allowing them to focus more intensely on their studies. Many scholarships also provide opportunities for mentoring, networking, and further career advancement. Ultimately, through nursing and midwifery scholarships, the global healthcare community is investing in its future.


Guide to Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships Globally

Scholarships are typically awarded on the basis of merit, need, or a combination of both. Some are specific to certain countries, regions, or universities, while others are open to students from anywhere in the world. Here’s a look at some of the prominent nursing and midwifery scholarships for global students:

  1. Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships, named after the iconic pioneer of modern nursing, are available for nurses and midwives in the UK to study at home or abroad. The Foundation awards scholarships of up to £15,000 for postgraduate study.

  1. Global Health Scholarships

Many institutions, like the University of Global Health Equity in Rwanda, award full or partial scholarships to students from low-income backgrounds who are committed to improving healthcare in their home communities.

  1. Fulbright Scholarships

For U.S. students, the Fulbright Program offers opportunities to study, conduct research, or teach abroad. Similarly, foreign students can apply for Fulbright Foreign Student Program grants to study in the U.S., including in nursing and midwifery.

  1. Commonwealth Scholarships

For students from Commonwealth countries, these scholarships provide funding for postgraduate study at universities in other Commonwealth countries. Nursing and midwifery are among the fields of study covered.

  1. Rotary Scholarships

The Rotary Foundation offers Global Grant Scholarships for graduate students studying abroad in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus, which includes disease prevention and treatment.

Applying for a Nursing and Midwifery Scholarship

Most scholarships require students to submit an application form, often with accompanying documents such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement or essay. Many also require evidence of acceptance into a suitable program of study.

It’s crucial to take note of the application deadlines, as late submissions are typically not considered. Be sure to tailor your application to the requirements and values of the organization offering the scholarship.

Take time to reflect on your experiences and why you’re passionate about nursing or midwifery. Showcase your dedication to improving healthcare, your leadership ability, your academic achievements, and your community involvement.

FAQs on Nursing an Midwifery Scholarships for Global Students

Do nursing students get paid UK?

In the UK, nursing students do not typically receive a salary for their clinical placements or practical training during their nursing education. Instead, they are often required to complete clinical placements as part of their nursing degree program, gaining hands-on experience in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and community care settings.

Can I get a scholarship for nursing UK?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a scholarship for nursing in the UK. There are various scholarship opportunities available for students pursuing nursing degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Here are some avenues you can explore:

University Scholarships: Many universities in the UK offer scholarships and bursaries to support students studying nursing programs. These scholarships may be merit-based, need-based, or awarded for specific achievements or circumstances.

Government Scholarships: Government-funded scholarships and grants may be available to support students studying nursing, particularly those with a focus on areas of high demand or priority, such as mental health nursing or adult nursing.

Nursing Organizations and Charities: Several nursing organizations and charities in the UK offer scholarships, grants, and bursaries to support students pursuing nursing education. These organizations may have specific eligibility criteria and application processes.

Hospital and Healthcare Trust Scholarships: Some hospitals and healthcare trusts in the UK offer scholarships or financial support to students studying nursing in exchange for a commitment to work for the organization after graduation.

Employer Sponsorship: If you are already working in the healthcare sector, your employer may offer sponsorship or financial support for your nursing education, especially if you are pursuing further qualifications or specialized training.

External Scholarships and Grants: There are also external scholarship opportunities available from foundations, trusts, and private organizations that support education and healthcare initiatives, including nursing.

Can I get a green card if I study nursing in USA?

Studying nursing in the USA does not automatically grant you a green card (permanent residency). However, there are certain pathways that may lead to obtaining a green card through nursing education and employment in the USA. Here are some options to consider:

Employment-Based Immigration (EB-3 Visa): The EB-3 visa category includes skilled workers, professionals, and other workers, which can include registered nurses. If you graduate from a nursing program in the USA and find an employer willing to sponsor you for a job as a registered nurse, you may be eligible to apply for an EB-3 visa. This process typically involves your employer filing a labor certification application and a Form I-140 petition on your behalf.

Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA): Some areas in the USA, particularly rural and underserved communities, have shortages of healthcare professionals, including nurses. If you work as a nurse in a designated Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) for a certain period, you may be eligible for certain immigration benefits, such as expedited processing or eligibility for certain visa programs.

National Interest Waiver (NIW): In some cases, individuals with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in fields that are in the national interest of the United States may qualify for a National Interest Waiver (NIW) as part of the EB-2 visa category. While this pathway may be less common for nurses, it is worth exploring if you have advanced qualifications or specialized skills in nursing.

Family-Based Immigration: If you have a close family member who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (green card holder), they may be able to sponsor you for a family-based immigrant visa, leading to permanent residency in the USA. However, family-based immigration options may have lengthy processing times and eligibility requirements.


Nursing and midwifery are exciting, enlightening, and honorable professions that can bring about significant personal and societal benefits. The many scholarships available globally recognize the commitment and dedication required to enter these fields, assisting passionate students to achieve their academic and career goals without the burden of substantial student loans.

Whether you’re a student from a developing country aiming to uplift healthcare standards in your home community, or a dedicated individual from anywhere in the world seeking to further your knowledge, nursing and midwifery scholarships can provide you with the opportunities you need.

Remember, each application takes time and effort, so be sure to start early and plan carefully. By demonstrating your passion, commitment, and abilities, you can make your dream of study and career advancement in nursing and midwifery a reality.


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