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7 Universities in Texas that offer scholarships to international students

With the world becoming a global village, many students are looking for opportunities to study in other countries, eager to expose themselves to diverse cultures and education systems. The United States, known for its vast educational resources, has become a study destination. In particular, Texas, renowned for its cowboy culture and delicious Tex-Mex cuisine, is an intriguing choice for many international students. However, one of the major setbacks for those dreaming of studying abroad is financial issues. So, it’s good news to hear about the “cities in Texas that offer scholarships to international students.” Let’s dive into how Texas is making higher education feasible for students worldwide.

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Texas hosts numerous top-tier universities offering quality education across various disciplines. Its unique blend of Southern hospitality and multicultural milieu fosters a welcoming environment for international students, strengthening the clarion call to Texas’s educational institutions.



Scholarships are undeniably a boon for international students. They not only alleviate financial strain but also provide an incentive for academic excellence. In Texas, multiple universities offer scholarships that help international students realize their academic dreams.


1. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN (UT): The International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS) is one of the main awards offered by UT. The scholarship was established in 1983 by the UT Student Government to improve the international climate on campus.


2. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY: The International Student Service Scholarship awards assist scholarships to deserving international students. Additionally, International Academic Accommodation is also available for international students who have demonstrated great academic achievements.

3. RICE UNIVERSITY: Besides financial aid programs, Rice University offers the Rice Graduate Merit Scholarships for international graduate students who have shown exceptional academic and personal accomplishments.

4. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS: UNT offers the International Excellence Scholarships for outstanding international students with a record of innovative and creative leadership.

5. TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY: Texas Tech offers general scholarships, including the Diversity Graduate Fellowship and Graduate Dean’s Scholarships, which are available to international graduate students.

6. BAYLOR UNIVERSITY: Baylor University has an International Student Scholarship program that rewards outstanding academic performance.

7. SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY: SMU offers the Second Century Scholars Program for exceptional international students.

FAQs on Universities in Texas that offer scholarships to international students

1. Does Texas offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, several Texas institutions provide scholarships for international students. This opportunity emphasizes the state’s commitment to fostering a diverse academic environment.

2. What is the $1000 scholarship rule in Texas?

It’s a program, that allows Texas athletes to earn up to $1000 per year in scholarship money without impacting their amateur status.

3. What colleges in Texas give the most scholarships?

In Texas, several colleges are known for their substantial offerings.

The University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, and the of Houston are the top in providing generous scholarship packages.


Each university has its application process. However, most students require an offer of admission before applying for the scholarship. Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic performance, or involvement in extracurricular activities.


Higher education is a transformative experience; scholarships help make this amazing journey possible for many international students. Universities in Texas that offer scholarships to international students are not only financially enabling these students, but they are also but intercultural learning environment that prepares students for a globalized world.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest, and the state of Texas clearly understands this by offering multiple options for scholarships at their top-tier universities. So if you’re an international student dreaming of studying in Texas, don’t let financial constraints clip your dreams. It’s all about taking a leap of faith and aiming high. Good luck!


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